10 Buildings that are changing South African skylines

Our cities’ skylines have been redefined with a slew of ambitious projects over the last few years. Top architects pushed their creative boundaries to create structuresthat are now a reality – boasting against the backdrop of Johannesburg, Durban, Pretoria and Cape Town. 

With today’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, reaching 828 metres compared to the 223 metres of The Carlton centre (South Africa’s tallest building) it seems toppingcharts for height may not be our biggest standard for measuring a buildings significance.Instead, the buildings that are changing our skylines stand out for different reasons. See why below. 

1 Discovery Place, Johannesburg 

Photo: Boogertman and Partners 

Architects:Boogertman and Partners 

Completion Date: 2017 


Zeitz MOCAA, Cape Town 

Photo: Iwan Baan 

Architect: Thomas Heatherwick 

Completion Date: 2017 


The Halyard, Cape Town 

Photo: Estate Living  

Architect: James Green from MWLF Architects   

Completion Date: Currently under construction. 


The Leonardo, Johannesburg 

Photo: The Leonardo 

Architect: Co-Arc International Architects  

Completion Date: Currently under construction. 


The Modern, Cape Town 


Photo: Paragon 

Architect: Paragon Architects 

Completion Date: Construction planned to start in March 2018. 


Iconic Tower, Durban 

Photo: Metropole Architects 

Architect: Paragon Architects 

Completion Date: Construction set to start in January 2019. 


Menlyn Link, Pretoria 

Photo: FVJK 

Architect: FVJK Architecture 

Completion Date: Menlyn Link was sent to market in early 2018. 


Northern Lights, Johannesburg 


Photo: FVJK 

Architect: FVJK Architecture 

Completion Date: Construction set to start in the second half of 2018. 


Cullinan Square, Cape Town 

Photo: Cape Town’s CCID 

Architect: RAS Architects  

Completion Date: In the second phase of proposals. 


The Oceans Development, Durban 

Photo: Oceans Umhlanga 

Architect: LVT Architecture, EPA Architects, Ruben Reddy Architects and ArchiTronic 

Completion Date: Construction underway but halted at present.

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