A drive through Stellenbosch with Alan Knott-Craig

Alan Knott-Craig is currently the executive chairman of wireless broadband operator HeroTel. Through his work and his aspirations, it’s evident that getting people connected is what fuels this young entrepreneur.  

“Getting people on the internet is not something that hurts people in any way,” he says while talking through what inspires HeroTel 

One of the many ways he is connecting South Africans is by making sure that inequality is also addressed by providing people with access to the internet and, in essence, information. In 2013, Alan founded Project Isizwe through which he advocates for free WiFi across all low-income communities in Africa.  

From heading up MXit to connecting people through HeroTel and Project Isizwe, Alan has had a full-faceted career to date, but luckily slowing down isn’t in his current trajectory yet.  “I personally love this mission that I’m on right now,” he says. 

Join Alan as he takes a scenic drive through Stellenbosch with host Bruce Whitfield in the VW Touareg.