Join Didimalo Molefe for a drive through Jozi in the new VW Touareg

“Time is very precious. We’re all given these 24 hours a day where what makes you great, is what you do with that time.”

Didimalo Molefe, a digital marketer for South African Tourism (SAT), says if she had the gift of more time, she’d utilise it to go back into townships to empower young people. She says she’ll motivate them by telling them that if you invest time in your hopes and dreams – success and results will surely follow.

For Didimalo, those hopes, and dreams lie in tourism. She says her love for tourism sprouts from the beauty and diversity of South Africa. But on top of being a digital marketer for SAT, Didimalo also co-founded an NGO, the DINDIE Young Women Project. “We just saw that there was a huge gap in education…and yet you’d be so shocked at the hunger to learn,” she explains. Today, the DINDIE Young Women Project mentor’s learners to achieve academic success and reach for higher education through bursaries and scholarships.

Meet Didimalo as she joins host Bruce Whitfield for a drive through Johannesburg in the new VW Touareg.