Episode Six

Episode Six If you were given the luxury of time, what would you do? Discover what Dr Rufaro Nyamuda did […]

Episode Five

Rufaro’s Touareg Sabbatical has come to an end. Every kilometre, sleepless night and extraordinary moment in between, has led her to the launch of her children’s healthcare app, KeepSafe. This is the most defining moment of her entire journey. See how she used the luxury of time.

Episode Four

Dr Rufaro’s quest to put first aid care in the palm of South African children’s hands has led her to Cape Town. This is where her idea is put to the test as she connects with the families whose lives will change through this initiative.

Episode Three

Rufaro’s life-changing journey continues in the small town of Coffee Bay. This moment is monumental as she finally gets to meet the people that her Medical App was made for.

Episode Two

We continue the journey with Rufaro as she returns to her home town in PE. It’s a homecoming filled with a variety of obstacles that could make or break the idea.

Episode One

The journey begins with Rufaro revealing her thoughts on being selected for the Touareg Sabbatical, and how she plans to realise her dream to improve the lives of many children.