The Luxury Of Time

In The Front Seat

Welcome to “In the front seat”. A series of interviews with opinion leaders from various disciplines, hosted by radio personality, Bruce Whitfield. Join us as we invite some of South Africa’s top minds to jump in the front seat and share what they’ve done with their time so far, and what they would do with their Touareg Sabbatical.

A drive through Cape Town with architect Mokena Makeka

Mokena Makeka is the founder and principal of Makeka Design Lab, an award-winning interdisciplinary design practice led by architecture and urban design. Among some of his most prominent projects is the annex to the Cape Town International Convention Centre which opened in 2017.  

We took Makeka for a drive through Cape Town where he pin-pointed some his favourite urban spaces and even spaces that he designed. As a renowned South African architect, he reminisced about the intertwined influence that time – past, present and future – and space has on his designs. But even more, he says that time is about the space to think not just about the space to do.  

Join Mokena Makeka as he shares his thoughts on time and architecture with host Bruce Whitfield in the new VW Touareg.